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Liselott Johnsson

During a recent visit to MOMA hundreds of people flocked in the gallery devoted to Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. A few were watching the painting, while most were chatting, taking pictures, texting, and browsing their ipads. Due to the high volume of voices and the partial views of the painting, it was impossible to experience this masterpiece as anything else than a wall covering. Personally, I cherish my distant memories of viewing Water Lilies in a quiet gallery and being emotionally transported to the gardens of Giverny. Evidently, in a crowded environment, the magical power of the painting disappears; the presence of the people overtakes the power of the art.

I wonder about access to and the meaning of art, when it becomes entertainment and backdrop for social activities. On one hand, I think that everybody should have access to art; on the other hand, I question how the perception of art changes due to this. Should the museum disregard the artworks themselves due to its calling to be accessible to the public? Is the museum acting correctly allowing for a contemporary view of the art? Is the poetry of the Water Lilies and numerous other works lost forever?

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